The Best Home Tech Products to Make Your Home Safer

POSTED ON  November 13, 2019

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There are so many benefits to incorporating smart home technology in your home. One of the biggest is that it actually has the ability to make your home safer. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when you can check in on what’s happening at home anytime, from anywhere in the world. With the help of a few home tech products, a safer, more secure home is just an app away.

Are smart homes safe?

Increased security is the number one reason people are adopting smart home technology. But that begs the question: Are smart homes safe? While many have expressed concerns about hackers interfering with smart home security systems, this is actually incredibly unlikely. Hacking a smart home is very challenging to do, and much more challenging than breaking into a home in a more traditional way like breaking a window (which, by the way, you can install smart devices to detect).

However, it is important to make sure the home tech products you put in your home are from a trusted provider. An electrical and smart home installation company like Super Electric can also help make sure your devices are up to date with the latest technology and are connected to a secure and private internet connection.

Many smart home security products also connect directly to local law enforcement. That means if there is any sort of intruder, smoke alarm, or leak detection, help is on the way immediately.

Keep your home safe with these home tech products 

So we know that smart technology in homes is a good idea, but now you have to decide which products you should get started with. Below we’ll look at some of the best smart safety and security devices. True home security utilizes a combination of these pieces. And, while it may seem like a large investment, working with an installation company can help you figure out how to adequately cover your home at a minimal cost.

Security cameras

Smart security cameras allow you to see what’s going on in your home from anywhere in the world with a Wi Fi connection. This can be especially beneficial if you’re gone for months at a time or if you’re leaving teens home alone while you go out to dinner. Many systems also offer 24/7 professional monitoring so if an emergency does arise when you are away, help is on the way immediately.

There’s a variety of different brands on the market, but we are fans of ones that offer two-way audio, a night vision mode, motion sensors, and the option to record a time period to save for later use. Not only do these features make your home more secure, but they also help you earn insurance discounts. Talk about a win-win!

Smart Security Cameras:

Smart locks

With smart locks, you have total control over who enters your home, even if you’re nowhere near! This means you no longer have to rush home to meet your handyman or stash the key under the mat for the housekeeper. You can just let them in through an app on your phone!

It also eliminates the need for every member of the family to have a physical key. No more worrying about your teen losing his key on the way home from school or making a copy for visiting relatives. Many smart locks also work with voice assistants so you can tell your Google Home or Apple Homekit to unlock the door when you’re carrying in a bunch of groceries!

You can also set up your smart locks to work with other home tech products like your smart thermostat or smart bulbs as part of a larger “scene.” For example, set up a good night scene that locks the doors, sets the alarm, turns down your lights and adjusts the temperature. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can customize your home with smart home technology.

Smart Locks:


Knock, Knock…. Who’s there? See who’s at your door, even when you’re not home, with a smart video doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell or if motion is sensed in the monitored area, a notification will be sent to the corresponding smartphone app that allows you to tune in and monitor your home.

Most models also provide two-way audio so you can communicate with your visitor. And, if you miss them live, watch a recording so you know exactly what happened at your house. This is another home tech product that insurance companies love, so make sure you ask about savings when you get yours installed!

Smart Doorbells:

Water leak sensors

Did you know that one of the most common types of damage to a home is water-related? Protect your house from flooding, burst pipes, clogged toilets or rain damage by investing in a smart water leak sensor. These high tech devices send an alert to your phone when water is detected in an area where it shouldn’t be, like on the floor of the laundry room. Some models are even able to detect the water flow in your pipes, and can automatically shut off the water supply before there is ever an issue.

This device can end up saving you thousands of dollars in devastating damage and protect your home, loved ones, and valuables. It ends up paying for itself – especially when you consider that many insurance companies will grant you a premium discount, up to 5-10%, if you have a water leak system installed.

Smart Water Leak Sensors:

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are a safety staple in all homes. But, what if you could make yours smarter? With a smart smoke alarm, you can get an alert on your phone any time the alarm goes off or detects unusual levels of carbon monoxide. Take it one step further and have it automatically alert the fire department, even if you’re nowhere nearby to make the call. That is true safety and security.

Some smart smoke alarms can even be connected to your smart light bulbs. They’ll turn on when your alarm goes off to help you and your loved ones safely get out of the building. When it comes to keeping your loved ones and your home safe during a fire, you want your smoke alarm to be as smart as possible.

Smart Smoke Alarms:

Get help setting up your safe smart home devices 

Make your home safer today by getting started with these smart home products. To make sure everything is properly set up and connected, you may want to consider getting installation assistance from a professional. At Super Electric, our team is trained on the latest smart technology products. We can offer assistance in selecting the best products to protect your space. We promise you the peace of mind knowing that your home is smarter and safer than ever before.

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