Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Smart Home Installation

POSTED ON  December 6, 2019

smart home installation

So you’ve decided to make the investment in smart home devices. Congrats! Your home is now going to be safer, more energy-efficient, and ultra-convenient. Now, all you have to figure out is how to set up a smart home. Before you start unboxing your new gadgets, you may want to consider hiring a professional for your smart home installation. Whether you’re going for a simple smart home update or are ready to invest in a fully automated system, partnering with a pro can make the installation process easier, safer and more efficient.

The benefits of using a professional for your smart home installation

Even though the technology is smart, it still requires some manual setup. If you’re not comfortable messing with wires or not savvy enough to pair devices with Bluetooth or Wi Fi, you’ll definitely want professional installation for your home automation system. There are so many benefits to working with a professional, but the biggest has to be the peace of mind. You’ll be even more excited for your new smart home technology knowing that a professional is there to make sure everything is set up correctly the first time and works together seamlessly.

Ideally, you’ll want to work with a company or individual who is familiar with a variety of smart home products like smart lighting, home security, thermostats, doorbells, and more. Even if you’re not investing in all this technology right away, you want to ensure that your home is set up to work with any future products you want to incorporate.


The convenience of professional smart home installation cannot be overlooked. If you choose to go it alone, it can take days to set up a full smart system – especially if you have to go into the walls and mess with wires. You also need to make sure that the hardware is properly connected to the internet. If you’re not familiar with the technology, this can be challenging. And, if you run into a problem, you’ll most likely be connected to the manufacturer’s support team that may not even be based in the same country. Handing the setup over to a pro will save you tons of time.

Professional smart home installers can also make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the features available with your new product. For example, many smart lights can be programmed to work with a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa. When you come home you can say, “Alexa, turn on Home scene” and have all the lights turn on without having to flip a switch or take out your phone.


A good smart home installation company will have experience with a wide variety of products and can help you choose the best technology for your family’s needs. Working with someone who knows a lot about different smart home products gives you the chance to ask questions, talk about the pros and cons of different brands, and customize a solution that gives you what you truly want at the best price available.

You also want to work with someone who will provide support beyond the day of the installation. If your smart technology starts to slow down and feel a bit dumber, you want to be able to call them up and get the problem fixed. They’ll also be able to help you assess whether your current internet speed will be able to fully handle the added smart home products. It’s possible that you may need to strengthen your system to prevent your other internet-connected devices like computers, phones, and smart TVs from slowing down. A pro can help you identify this upfront, saving you time and frustration down the road.


There’s nothing worse than investing in smart technology that then fails when you need it most. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to unwanted visitors or disastrous water leaks. A pro can help you make sure your smart security systems, water leak detectors, cameras, and more are up and running 24/7.

They can also offer guidance on what type of products you really need to achieve your smart home goals. For example, if you only invest in a smart doorbell, and skip window sensors, your home is still vulnerable to intruders. A professional can help you make sure you are fully covered, while only buying the products you truly need.


Many products like smart locks, thermostats, security systems, doorbells, and fans require you to physically install the system into the walls of your home and connect to the appropriate wiring. Before you start drilling holes or swinging the hammer, reach out to a professional. They’ll make sure you don’t break your device, injure yourself or cause lasting damage to your home with an incorrect setup.


A professional can also help you find more efficient setups within your existing smart home technology. For example, many smart home services work with a hub or central control system that controls multiple devices from one convenient location. This means you don’t have to open a dozen different apps to control lighting, adjust the temperature, or disarm the security system. A smart home hub allows you to fully customize your environment with minimal effort on your end, and can make your smart technology, even smarter.

You should also talk to your smart home installation pro about the type of products you want to buy in the future. They can help you ensure that the products and brands you choose are compatible with your existing setup. Most families have to decide what their immediate needs are and what they would ideally like in the future. A professional can help you devise a plan that works long term for your budget and your lifestyle.

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